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In this dramedy; 20-something year old Sheena is ready to move on from her small city of Alexandria, LA and head to New Orleans. She has a great relationship with her cousins, Ayana and Giselle, with whom she lives with. Her parents, Darnel and Niecey, have been married since she was born and from Sheena’s perspective; are the epitome of a loving relationship. Everything is on track until a blow up between Darnel and Niecey occurs at her little sister’s birthday dinner.

Later, Niecey reveals that they’re getting a divorce. This news unlocks an old memory that sends Sheena on a journey of self-discovery. Niecey and her mother, Hazel, are also forced to revisit the past as information is unveiled; sending Niecey on her own journey of self-discovery. Sheena’s family isn’t who she thought they were and now she’s left trying to put all the pieces back together.

You can view the entire series on KWELITV!

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