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The IGTV show, from the Nicoles, that takes a modern approach to your favorite throwback episodes! Watch the episodes now on IGTV.

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The Young Woman's Guide

The Young Woman's Guide is a healing project created and produced by Magnolia A Productions.




The elders have spoken! 6 women over the age of 70 offer their thoughts and opinions on certain topics that younger women may be encountering. In Body Image, the ladies discuss how they've viewed their bodies and share how they feel about body renovations. In Not Giving Up, the ladies encourage us to keep going and break down why it is important to do so. 

This season highlights six women Gwendolyn Mukes (74), Jewel Roberts (91), Sara Marchand (85), Alberta Gross (87), Ruby Lee Jones (99) and Linda Walton (age undisclosed).

This project was created by Nicole Collins. Producers of the project include DaVida Chanel, Marquina Watts and Ashlee Yates.

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