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I appreciate your interest in donating to the creation of this transformative, cinematic film! We are currently raising $15,000 for the total production. Our goal is to mentor 2-to-3 area high school students on this project, thus, giving them hands-on on-set experience and internship, film, and IMDb credits. We want this film to be as cinematic as it is thrilling, but we need a little help. Please browse the page for more details on this film; you can donate at the bottom. Please browse the website for earlier works and to receive a screener of my latest film projects, Period Party and Maternally Yours, please request through e-mail or text. I can also be reached at 318-730-2721 or for further questions. Honestly and sincerely, Thank you!



LOGLINE: Loyalty versus Self-preservation is at stake when 2 ex-lovers find themselves in a chance encounter providing them with an opportunity to be unburdened by the remnants of their destructive relationship.

SYNOPSIS: The Space Between is the triggering journey of two past lovers who, by happenstance, run into each other during their individual hotel stays. Ja’Von, ego-serving, seeks to affirm that Jenny is still the loyal lover she’s always been After reluctance, Ja'von convinces Jenny to give him a moment of her time. After agreeing to 10 minutes to talk, Jenny struggles with her attempts to break free from the love she has for Ja’Von. The space between their last encounter and the present moment proves more complicated than either could imagine. Destructive elements of their relationship are revealed, along with heartbreaking secrets that could stunt positive resolution. Freedom, self-perseverance, and disrupting destruction are themes each character battles. Distance and time prove the capacity of their love and loyalty. The choice: oneself and liberation or entering a repeated, failed cycle of trauma bonding disguised as love. The decision can set one free and imprison the other.



The themes for The Space Between are self-preservation, the expiration of loyalty, love versus freedom, and disrupting destruction. Both characters have to make decisions based on their interests, although they have different goals. Jenny wants to be free from Ja’Von’s hold, and Ja’Von wants to be free to have and control Jenny when he pleases. They both want the other to fold. Love doesn’t always last, and loyalty can fade with the loss of love, yet, Ja’Von believes he’ll always have commitment and passion from Jenny.

He might be correct if the circumstances played out differently. Jenny is tired of loving and being loyal with no reward. The ultimate test of her exhaustion comes when she has to choose between protecting Ja’Von or protecting herself. In situations I’ve witnessed, the latter is usually the option least taken. I believe it is imperative to highlight Jenny’s moments of strength throughout the piece, as she’s been used to being weak.




The mission is to mentor 2-3 high school-age students on the set in the producer, director, and camera departments.

We see these students learning filmmaking techniques through hands-on training. Our hope is that the skills developed are brought back into their schools and communities and that they are inspired to create their own work within their communities.


  • Film Festival Circuit

  • Multi-Award Winning

  • Feature Film Adaptation

  • Monetized SVOD Placement

  • Build and Maintain an Audience

Your Generous Donation Helps Us to Cover the Following:

  • Crew Daily Payment

  • Camera Rental

  • Equipment Rental

  • Great Sound

  • Wardrobe Costs

  • Location Costs

  • Hair and Makeup

  • Props

  • Catering and Craft Services

  • Editing Costs

  • Music Composition

  • Festival Submissions

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Thank you for your donation!

Donations can also be made through CashApp: $ColioColey

Or Zelle: 318-730-2721/
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